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Nashirah’s jewellery is exclusive and stunningly luxurious.  Each design is unique with the majority of pieces being handmade, one-off creations.

Prices for handmade pieces from the collection start from as little as $40.00.  Nashirah hosts a vast selection of pearls, mother of pearl, and genuine gemstones, all set with a range of precious metals including sterling silver, platinum and gold.

Nashirah also specialises in design projects for individual clients. From engagement rings to good-luck charms; we work together with customers to bring their most creative ideas to fruition and create pieces that truly satisfy one’s deepest hopes and desires for their new jewellery.

About the Owner

Kamla Navaraj is the owner and founder of Nashirah Gems and Jewellery. To describe Kamla – and her jewellery – as eclectic would be something of an understatement. With a mother born in Burma, an Indian father from a high ruling cast, a Thai-Chinese Grandmother and a grandfather who was an Arab Sheikh, she expresses many qualities from this culturally diverse in her design. Her Indian heritage has imbued her artistic character with a passion for vibrant colours and heady combinations of precious and coloured gemstones. Kamla’s family on her mother’s side were gem merchants so she grew up surrounded by people who loved and appreciated gemstones for their unique and intrinsic qualities. Some of her earliest memories were of her mother wearing the beaded jewellery so popular in the art deco period of the 1920’s, which has inspired her love of beaded jewellery. She remembers her father always wearing a diamond on a little finger, as an acknowledgement of the healing qualities of gemstones set out in Ayurvedic astrology.

Before entering this profession, Kamla spent over twenty years in the area of social work, specialising in the areas of adoption and child protection. She counts her ability to understand people and their needs as one of her most important skills in designing the customised pieces that she is so well-known for. Her formal training and experience in this field has made her a ‘people person’ and she strongly believes that frequent consultation with clients provides invaluable feedback helping to make the jewellery not only original and striking, but also very wearable.

The most important piece of information when designing a piece of jewellery is the to-be owners personality. Then I am able create a signature design that is uniquely theirs.

Kamla Navaraj – Owner and Lead Designer

Cultivating her lifelong fascination in the study and appreciation of gems, Kamla was drawn to study gemmology and diamond technology. She has spent the last 15 years developing and evolving one of the most original and recognisable brands in designer jewellery in Perth. She has always designed collections using the classic materials that she is inherently drawn to: an endless variety of coloured gemstones, pearls, silver, gold, diamonds as well as more unusual natural materials found in her travels through exotic countries around the world. Using this wide mix of materials and an extensive vocabulary of design elements allows her to create collections that combine her unique style with a deep respect for the hues, textures and compositions abundant in nature. It is the combination of these interests, her colourful background and culture and the pursuit of an aesthetic sensibility that combines them all into intricate and elaborate designs using bold combinations of materials and design styles.

In contrast to her complex designs, her design philosophy is very simple: “Jewellery is a statement about who you are so if you are choosing a piece of jewellery – or having a piece designed for you – it is essential to trust your instincts and emotions.” Most importantly, she acknowledges that one’s background and beliefs will inform their jewellery choices, just as they inform her designs.

“It has taken me many years to find what it is in life that I really love doing, but that is all part of the process that has made me a better designer. In essence, I have ended up where I started – it’s been a long road home, but I feel blessed that I am now in a position to enrich my client’s lives by creating jewellery that is as unique and beautiful as they are.”

Kamla Navaraj – Owner and Lead Designer